What could be better than owning a racing greyhound? Few things, in our opinion, match the excitement of ownership; the anticipation of those first trials, the first race, the first win, just how far can this dog go? Then there’s going to the track to see your dog run, visiting the kennel, the camaraderie, walks with your own racer – it all adds up to a great package.

The biggest negative is probably the cost – the upfront outlay then the monthly kennel bills. So, how do I get the most out of owning a greyhound at the smallest cost? The answer is to join a syndicate. Not just any syndicate though – Noduff Racing.

There are many different models of syndicate out there. You could be one of a hundred owners. Yes, you would only pay a lump sum up front and no monthly bills but would you really feel like an owner? Where would the exclusivity be? Our model is a little different. You pay a lump sum initially of about £500 depending on the dog, then a monthly contribution towards the kennel bill of about £30 throughout the dog’s racing life. This covers his keep and expenses up to and including his retirement. What’s more there would usually be about eight owners and never more than ten so you would really feel like a small, privileged group.

Because we’re passionate about our dogs you’ll also get an email before and after every run with our expectations and comments and with any insights from the trainer. We encourage your input; all of which is shared with the trainer before he makes his decision as to where the dog runs, in what races and so on.

We like buying pups who are ready to trial. We think that’s the way to get the best bang for your buck! We work hard to select the right dogs with potential but who won’t break the bank. You never know quite how good a pup will be.

Do you want to join us? Email Ian and let’s see where this greyhound journey will take us.

Current syndication opportunities

NODUFF BELLAGIO – ‘Bonnie’ as she is known in the kennel is currently available. As with all our dogs, there are just eight shares, not hundreds and certainly not 3,500 as we came across elsewhere today! Each share costs a one-off payment of £500 and you then pay just £30 a month throughout the dog’s racing life. Full terms and conditions will be supplied upon request.

In addition to owning a select share in such a promising greyhound you also get up-to-the-minute news by email straight from the trainer’s mouth, notifications of upcoming runs with our views on them and afterwards you can watch a video library of all your dog’s races on this site.

Bonnie is very young (December 2019 whelp) and extremely promising. You can read more about her on her dedicated page. Shares are being sold on a first-come-first served basis and remember, they are strictly limited. Email Ian to express interest. Bonnie will remain based at Monmore Green in the care of Stuart Buckland.

NODUFF DUNES – ‘Mia’ is our latest aquisition and is also available. As always there are only eight shares and they are priced at £300 each. You then pay just £30 a month during her racing lifetime.

We bought Mia from Perry Barr sales when she comfortably won her sales trial recording a time of 29.38. Whilst a long way inside the required grading time that isn’t a remarkable time in itself except that Mia is a January 2020 whelp and she hadn’t seen a racecourse before, either here or in her native Ireland! She can only improve with age and experience. Just like Bonnie she will be trained at Monmore Green by Stuart Buckland.

If you are interested in buying a share email Ian as above. You can read more about Mia on her dedicated page.

NODUFF EXCALIBUR – ‘Jock’ has arrived from Ireland. He has recorded the fastest sectional time at Kilkenny stadium this year and will initially be campaigned over the sprint distance at Monmore Green. He has trialled in spectacularly and is expected to run in top heat D1s. You can read more about him on his dedicated page. Shares are available at £750 each followed by payments of £30 a month. If you are interested let us know.

NODUFF FLAMINGO – ‘Raspberry’ was formerly known in Ireland as Florida Peg. She is a very young February 2020 whelp who we bought unraced following a gutsy win from behind run in her Thurles sales trial. She has a lot of scope to improve and will commence her grading trials in August 2021. Shares are available at just £350 plus £30 a month. As always you can read more about her on her dedicated page and contact us if you are interested.

NODUFF GRAND – ‘Wallace’ has joined us from Monmore Sales. Formerly known as Morse Code he won his sales trial in an impressive 28.70 on his first race in the UK and his first look at Monmore Green. Wallace is sure to improve and is destined for top grade and the open race circuit. His modest sectional time of 4.58 suggests that he is also likely to be a good stayer.

As always there are eight shares in our syndicated greyhounds. Shares in Wallace are available for £650 and thereafter £30 a month. If you are interested you can access his dedicated page or contact us.

NODUFF HACIENDA – ‘Ridley’ won his sales trial at Thurles in the second fastest time of the day in going that looked very heavy indeed and certainly worse than the official 20 slow. To reinforce the appeal of his litter, the fastest time of the day was posted by his brother. Ridley, formerly known as Abigail’s Apollo, posted a smart sectional and led all the way, staying on strongly.

He is a young January 2020 dog and you can purchase a one eighth share for his entire racing life for the sum of just £650 followed by payments of £30 a month. You can read more on his dedicated page and contact us if you are interested.