Noduff Bellagio (Bonnie, pictured above) whelped a litter of six dogs and a bitch on Monday the eighth of April 2024 by super stud, Pestana.

We didn’t think this day would come. Bonnie was mated when she came into season previously but that mating failed and we thought she might be infertile. To make absolutely sure, she was sent to Ireland and to Sean Dunphy and the team at the Droopys Stud. They kept and tested her daily over an extended period to ensure optimal conditions. We used Pestana as the stud dog as a proven sire. Also, being out of Droopys Sydney herself, there was a long list of potential mates that were unsuitable for Bonnie. As is evident from the photo, we were successful this time so kudos to Sean and the team.

Mother and pups are with John Cavanagh near Enniscorthy where they will be reared and subsequently schooled with the assistance, as required, of Davy Morris. The above photograph was taken on a recent visit there. Our aim is to post photos from time to time to show the pups as they grow up. There are three brindles, three blacks and one blue. The solitary bitch is black with a white chest blaze.

Bonnie is, of course, litter sister to the fabulous, all-conquering Bellmore Sally so we are hoping for great things from the pups!