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whelped 2.1.2020

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Meet Mia, the youngest greyhound in our kennel when we bought her and our first 2020 bred. Mia was known in Ireland as Geneva Poppy and joins us as Noduff Dunes. We spotted her at the Perry Barr sales on 8.6.21 where she showed good early pace to lead her trial, ultimately running out the winner in a decent 29.38. That was a good enough clocking in any circumstances but especially so as it was also Mia’s first racecourse appearance having never even trialled publicly in her native Ireland.

Her sire, Spoofer, won his first five races culminating in a flying 28.09 in a stakes final at Waterford. He then mixed it with the best recording 28.40 at Shelbourne Park and 27.96 at Cork. His racing career ended prematurely due to injury after just thirteen months. He was new to the breeding paddocks and great things were expected of his proginy.

Mia’s dam, Forest Karen was a very decent grader in her own right, recording 28.68 at Waterford amongst her victories.

Mia was very lively young puppy. We bought her for her potential and excellent attitude. She started her training with Stuart Buckland based at Monmore Green. Her first four bend trial saw her record a decent 4.53 sectional and a calculated 29.24, leading all the way. She had to be withdrawn from her final trial when she picked up the dreaded cough that was rampaging through kennels nationwide in July 2021. That was duly rescheduled and her grading trials completed.

Mia’s debut was on 26.7.21 in a modest A6. She was slowly away but showed terrific early and middle pace as she and the two dog moved right away from the field. Unfortunately that rival then decided to take her on to the grass at the third bend and, just to prove it wasn’t an accident, it then did the same to the six dog in the home straight when that one came to challenge. Somehow no mentions of these incidents appear on the results sheet.

So Mia eventually finished fourth having also been checked by the winner after being attacked by the second but her pace was superb for a January 2020 puppy and she would be winning soon based on a debut like that.

In fact Mia came into season on 4.8.21 so that improvement would have to wait three months or so! She returned to the trial roster in early October and then resumed her four bend career. She showed great determination early but found quite a bit of trouble and seemed to lose concentration at the third bend. We let her have a D3 sprint race to help her. It wasn’t us or her trainer but she was backed from 9/2 to 15/8 as if defeat was unthinkable. Maybe it was being 14 weeks out of season. In any event she took the lead before the bend and went on to win unchallenged by four lengths, pulling further clear after the line.

I’ve always liked Mia’s attitude and she never disappointed. If she was in the lead at the third bend she didn’t get beaten. If not, she showed character and chucked it in. She won A7 and A6 races back to back and than an A5 to make it three from four. Another A6 followed on 10.3.22 in 29 seconds dead. Unfortunately she tweaked a muscle in her A5 on 15.3.22 and had to have a couple of weeks off. Mia then had the best win to run ratio of our dogs.

Mia duly came into season at the same time as Bonnie and Absinthe (isn’t that so often the way!) It took her five trials to get back on the racing strength but on her second start she really showed us what she could do. She missed the break but still pulled herself to the lead at the second bend and just faded into third on the home straight due to lack of fitness post-season. She looked to be a good thing next time out as long as she didn’t excitedly turn in the traps again as she has been seen to do!

In fact she led almost to the line the next twice and then finished second again in A7. Her next win was imminent but then she suffered a soft tissue injury, keeping her off again. Yet another seasonal rest followed and so did the niggles arising from her leg injury. It proved impossible to get her fit enough to gallop, let alone race and so we reluctantly took the decision to retire her. Mia remains extremely lively. She went to her temporary home at GR Fife in February 2023 and will be adorning someone’s sofa shortly. She’ll make a wonderful pet, particularly for a family with children.

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