Noduff Bellagio

Noduff Bellagio

by DROOPYS SYDNEY out of BELLMORE LUCY whelped 7.12.2019

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We were so excited about this young pup. Meet BELLMORE CINDIE, now known as NODUFF BELLAGIO. We spotted Bonnie at the Kilkenny sales trials on 24.4.21, not that we could possibly have failed to notice her, having recorded the fastest time of the whole session – a calculated 29.30. If that’s not impressive enough for such a youngster, it was just the second trial of her entire life having previously run a 29.80 back in early March 2021 on her racecourse debut.

We watched the trials with the intention of buying a January 2020 dog; Callmesteve who had run a very smart Shelbourne Park trial despite his very young age only for Bonnie to blow him out of the water, showing great early pace then staying strongly to beat him by fully eight and a half lengths.

Bonnie’s solo trial, on her very first look at the Monmore Green track, was a very impressive 29.12 off a modest 4.63 sectional (she missed the break a little). She took a middle to wide course and saw out the 480 metre trip strongly. Just five days later her first three dog trial saw her crowded at the first bend after an improved 4.55 sectional but again running on strongly to post a calculated 29.19. Her final trial took place on Monday, 31st May when she stumbled out of the traps but ran on very strongly to win her trial in 29.29.

Considering she was a December 2019 whelp Bonnie looked certain to make up into a top graded class / open racer. We were reinforced in that belief by her litter sister – Bellmore Sally – in the care of Jimmy Fenwick at Newcastle. She, having recorded trials of 28.85 at Newcastle and 28.99 at Nottingham was plunged straight into an open contest on her British race debut. She finished third after encountering a great deal of trouble but the fact that such a respected trainer pitched her in at the deep end is nothing but encouraging. On just her second outing she flew around Nottingham winning her 500 metre open by 8.5 lengths in 29.71 and backed that up with a second open class 480 metre victory by 5.5 lengths in 28.85.

Bonnie’s debut came on 7.6.21 when she was thrown into an A4 at Monmore. She missed the break completely, giving the winner an immediate four length start but weaved her way through the pack to run on strongly and finish third in a very creditable 29.10. She recorded her first victory in the same A4 class in just her third outing, coming from off the pace to win finishing strongly. She showed she would have little difficulty dipping under the 29 second barrier as her trapping improved and as she matured.

Her early A3 attempts were characterised by tardy breaks and first bend trouble, not least on 3.7.21 when the commentator described her break as ‘an omnishambles’! She continued to run on very strongly and, on 8.7.21, she came from last, impeded at the second bend to finish third and lead comfortably at the pick up. This was noted by RPGTV and she was designated ‘one to watch’ at Monmore. Six bends undoubtedly awaited after she had come into season and strenghtened up.

October approached however and there was still no sign of her season so we tried a couple of other tactics. She was moved in with a quieter boyfriend, she trialled at Perry Barr for a change of scenery and we had her blood-tested. She won her final race in September in spectacular fashion coming from last at the final bend to get up on the line! The blood test revealed a modest liver issue so she embarked on a course of medication with a month’s rest.

Bonnie finally got to race over six bends in maiden opens rather than try to get a 630 metres trial. After an ordinary initial outing she ran on strongly in her second race and was narrowly denied victory. She was however on top at the pick up and we wanted to try her over 684m at the first available opportunity.

As you can see below, something clicked with Bonnie just before Christmas 2021. She ran really well and won her A4 showing a little more early pace than previously. The following run she annihilated the field in A3 by more than five lengths, taking the lead out of the second bend – something she never looked like doing before! She then went for the hat trick iin A2 and didn’t let us down. Slowly away, she put herself in contention for third place by the bend, kept out of trouble on the wide outside and gradually wore the leaders down getting up to win by a length. She was well clear by the pick up.

The racing office were happy to give her a shot in A1 to see if she could notch up a four timer but we opted for an S1 instead which would provide a better indication of how much she has improved and, after all, it would be over longer distances that her future would lie. Her two siblings, Bellmore Sally and Bellmore Rossi both ran successfully in opens over six bends with the former clearly having potential for being a marathon star of the near future despite their breeding. Neither parent was a stayer.

Bonnie’s S1 came on 13.1.22 and she was sent off favourite. She was a little slow away but kept wide and out of trouble but something obviously went badly wrong at the third bend and she didn’t finish the race. It transpired to be a muscle injury comprising a torn gracilis. Either way she would be off for three months or more. We hoped she would come into season sooner rather than later but she simply refused!

After two months off, on 14.3.22, Bonnie appeared to have recovered sufficiently to have a sprint trial. She had been galloping without any obvious signs of injury or distress. The trial went well but the following morning she had bruised up near to the site of the original injury so she was sidelined again. Finally, on 10.4.22, Bonnie came in season. That suited us fine as she would have another ten weeks or so to recuperate before trialling again. She would be turned out into the big paddock every two or three days so the injured muscle didn’t become calloused. Hopefully then she could try to emulate the performances of her sister Bellmore Sally.

As of mid-July Bonnie would have been trialling but the gallop was rock hard due to the weather and there’s only so much you can do in the pool or on the walker. She was due for a sprint but then the very hot weather intervened. Hopefully it wouldn’t be much longer.

We brought her back, she had two further trials but then sustained a significant muscle injury on the opposite side, probably due to compensating for the original injury. In the circumstances we decided to call it a day and she is was retired after just 26 runs of which she won six including the hattrick around the turn of the year 2021/22. She won in A2 and recorded best times of 28.77 and 38.51. She never really got to show how good she could have been.

That, however, is not the end. Because of her potential and not least because she is the full litter sister of Bellmore Sally (who recently recorded back to back wins in the Category 1 Golden Jacket at Crayford), we are going to try and have a litter with her. She came into season in February 2023 and has gone to Kevin Hutton’s Burford kennels to be put to Signet Denver. He is a very new sire so this is something of a gamble but he had an excellent open race career showing tremendous early pace and winning top class races at Towcester, Perry Barr, Swindon and Sheffield. Hopefully the mix of his early pace and her staying potential might produce some smashing pups. Watch this space!

The mating was unsuccessful! We waited and hoped and had Bonnie scanned but there were no pups to be seen. Because of who she is – her litter sister Bellmore Sally is the greatest staying bitch of her generation – we decided to have one more go. It was considered best to try again in Ireland at the Droopys Stud. To ensure that she would be in the right place at the right time, arrangements were made for her to spend her time in kennels in Derry City with Kevin Canning. Finally Bonnie came in season again in January 2024 and so off to the stud she goes to see if the maestros can succeed where last year we failed!

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