Weekly update 14.11.21

14.11.21. Another quiet week with more triallers than runners and a mixture of highs and lows.

NODUFF GRAND (pictured) recorded back to back wins. After a comfortable win in A4, Wallace powered to the bend in his A3 and was about to turn close second to an early-paced non-stayer when he was struck into and a pile up ensued. He lost about four lengths but set off in pursuit of the leader, reeling it in before the final bend and winning by almost two lengths in 28.97. Take four lengths off that time and it gives you an indication of how well he ran.

Wallace is improving his sectionals with each run. If he times his break a little better he is certainly capable of a 4.40 or even better which could see him lead in A2. He goes again tomorrow and is not without a chance of landing the hattrick if he can clear the early-paced middle to railer in trap 4!

MUSTANG HIGHWAY won his first race outing a couple of weeks ago in a very messy race. We took the precaution of giving him a sprint trial, which was ordinary in the extreme and that was followed up by an outing in a D2 contest this week running from trap 2. Wilson trapped averagely but showed very impressive early pace taking the lead before the first bend and holding on to it all the way to the pick up. 8/1 at one point, he was nibbled at by the syndicate members and returned a healthy 5/1. He also holds realistic claims of a hattrick this week. His early pace is going to hold him in good stead.

NODUFF EXCALIBUR took part in yet another very hard A2 contest. Jock missed the break and was then forced to check at the bend and his race was over. He remains winless but through no fault of his own. He has finally been downgraded and runs tomorrow from trap 1 in an A3. He could well lead and break his overdue duck.

NODUFF DUNES continued her return from season but it didn’t go well. Having recorded 29.39 in a trial, Mia missed the break but showed great determination at the first bend to squeeze through a narrow gap and put herself in contention. Unfortunately she then threw in the towel at the third bend and coasted home. We don’t know why but it looks as if she has lost confidence at the third bend. Stuart is going to try various things to see if we can get her back to full mental health. She is presently fourteen weeks out of season.

Those were the only kennel runners this week. NODUFF ARIA trialled and went well and so did NODUFF BELLAGIO and we expect to see them both again this week.

SUPREME ODIN needs a couple of weeks to recover from a strained metatarsal and NODUFF HACIENDA another week following his last race fall.

Now the bad news. After a very promising handslip, NODUFF CAESAR had a sprint trial and looked a little laboured despite clearly trying very hard. The following day he was in pain from his damaged hock and Stuart had to give him painkillers. We couldn’t have done more for Bertie but the injury was obviously just too severe to recover from and we reluctantly took the difficult decision to retire him. He never had a racing career and we don’t know how good he might have been. He will however have a comfortable retirement.