Weekly update 10.10.21

10.10.21. A quick one this week as we have a lot to do before the tour of Ireland starts early on Tuesday morning.

NODUFF GRAND (pictured) was not only Kaan Hughes’ nb for his A4 at Monmore on Saturday night, he was also backed into short price favouritism as if defeat was unthinkable! I therefore had the unenviable task, as remote guest on RPGTV, of trying, politely and sensitively, to tell viewers that it was a run too soon after his return from injury for him to win, added to which he was in the wrong box. Lo and behold Wallace couldn’t quite make the bend, got baulked and finished third. He’ll not be in A4 long though if we can get him closer to the fence.

SUPREME ODIN made us so proud when he contested his very first A1 on Saturday evening. It was a race where Luigi couldn’t possibly lead or win but he ran with great resolve and would have finished much closer had he not checked wide at the last bend.

NODUFF ARIA was generously dropped to A5 this week but he was baulked at the turn and again at the third but was still finishing two for one. He won’t be in A5 for long and hopefully another six bend outing isn’t too far away.

Just as we got NODUFF BELLAGIO’S blood test results back and were about to put her on a course of tablets, she went and put in her best run to date breaking the 29 second barrier when narrowly going down in an A3. That run would have seen Bonnie win most A3s but she found one too good. She’ll be back in three weeks or so.

Nothing further to report on NODUFF CAESAR. Bertie’s enjoying the paddocks.

NODUFF DUNES is finally back from season. Mia had a sprint trial last week and will have a four bender this week.

NODUFF EXCALIBUR is always going to be an enigma. Jock ran in a maiden open against a real hot pot on his immediate inside and easily matched it to the bend. Had the traps been reversed he would have led round. As that was his only four bend outing to date at Monmore he was required to trial. That took place yesterday so he is now graded and we look forward to seeing him at the end of the week.

NODUFF FLAMINGO had her fourth A7 outing. Raspberry traps, lacks early pace then winds up from halfway. She went for a daring gap on the inside at the third bend. Had it worked she may well have come out in front and gone on to win but. in the event, she just caused a pile up and got very badly baulked. Her reward is a demotion to A8 this week in which she must have a very good chance indeed!

That leaves us with NODUFF HACIENDA. Ridley was entered for a puppy open last week but had to run in a rather hot maiden when it didn’t fill. He got baulked a couple of times and it was no surprise when he came last, albeit not far detached. The grader saw enough however for him to be making his graded debut in an A1 in the first race tomorrow. Best of luck, at least he has trap 1!