New arrival!

It’s been a very quiet week except that our beautiful Noduff Imperial (pictured) has finally arrived from Ireland. Absinthe is an October 2020 whelp who is yet to race or trial. You can read more about her on her personal page. We are looking forward to seeing her […]

Wallace takes off

24.2.22. Supreme Odin (pictured) added to his impressive tally of wins yesterday when landing his A3 by the minimum margin. The win was better than it sounds as two other dogs were gambled on in the race including one that Luigi beat last time he was in this […]

It’s been a better week

13.2.22. Aside from the traps breaking at Monmore last night, which put Chasing Landy’s Winter Derby heat back to Tuesday and made live TV rather more awkward than usual, it’s been a pretty good week for once. NODUFF EXCALIBUR (pictured above shortly after victory) finally got a clear […]

Early February update

6.2.22. The big news this week is, of course, that Stuart Buckland (pictured) has given his three months’ notice to Monmore Green. He has cited a disillusionment with racing six days each and every week but there is a lot more to it than that. We will know […]

Sunday update – 16th January

16.1.22. SUPREME ODIN had a sprint trial this week and came off with no obvious problems so Luigi will rejoin the racing strength this week, presumably in A2 where he was before he was injured but perhaps in A3 if the grader is feeling charitable! NODUFF ARIA (pictured) […]