Ownership agreement – NODUFF IMPERIAL

This agreement is made this 25th May 2022 between the Administrator and LEE STYLER hereinafter known as (‘the Shareholders’) and relates to the ownership of one greyhound (‘the Dog’) by the name of NODUFF IMPERIAL.

  1. The Dog shall be owned in eight equal shares, each share valued at £200. Shares may not be sold or transferred except as provided below but in the event of the death of a Shareholder may be held by his Estate.
  2. Ian Foster (‘the Administrator’) having originally purchased the Dog and, at the date hereof, being the holder of all shares may sell up to seven of his shares and retain the proceeds himself but shall ensure that any buyer agrees to the terms of this agreement.
  3. The Dog will remain at the kennels of and be trained by Jooles Slater (‘the Trainer’) for the duration of her racing career unless otherwise agreed by all Shareholders.
  4. Each Shareholder will pay the Administrator £30 for each share he holds every month commencing May 2022 until the Dog has retired from racing and been rehomed through a registered greyhound charity or with a Shareholder (if all Shareholders are in agreement thereto) or is deceased, whichever happens first.
  5. In the event that a Shareholder fails to pay £30 as required above then that Shareholder shall have six weeks from the date of his default to bring his payments fully up to date. Should such Shareholder fail to do so within that period then he shall immediately and irrevocably forfeit his share(s) in the Dog and his share(s) of the Surplus. Such Shareholder shall however remain liable for his share(s) of any Shortfall.
  6. In the event of such forfeiture of a share but not otherwise the remaining Shareholders may sell such forfeited share to a new Shareholder for such sum and on such terms as they deem fit, any proceeds being added to the Surplus and any new incoming Shareholder shall be bound by the same terms and conditions as set out herein.
  7. The Trainer’s current charges are £7 per day for the care, housing and training of the Dog plus such out of pocket expenses as are reasonably necessary in relation thereto to include but not limited to medication, treatment and veterinary fees. In the event that the Dog runs in an open race other than at Monmore Green Stadium the Trainer will additionally charge £8 per hour for time spent travelling to and from such other venue plus 40 pence per mile travelled.
  8. The Administrator shall discharge kennel bills as they are received and shall record the total of any surplus income after fees and expenses have been deducted (‘the Surplus’) and shall hold such Surplus in a designated account. Such Surplus shall belong to the Shareholders in accordance with their shareholding but may not be paid to them until the Dog has retired and been rehomed as above or is deceased, whichever happens first.
  9. The Administrator shall supply Shareholders, upon request, with a copy of any kennel bill and a statement of account of funds held and disbursed.
  10. If the Dog wins a trophy, receives a racing jacket or other momento, all Shareholders will be entered into a draw to decide at random which Shareholder will receive this. Once a Shareholder has received such an item, they will not be re-entered into a draw until all Shareholders have received some such form of memorabilia.
  11. Shareholders agree that photos, videos and other information pertaining to the Dog may be shared on social media.
  12. In all matters relating to the Dog to include but not limited to injury/veterinary treatment, time off, retirement, open race entries and seeding, Shareholders will be encouraged to share their views but the Trainer’s decision will be final.
  13. The Dog’s welfare will always be paramount and in the event of serious injury where it is possible to enable the dog to be treated and to enjoy a good quality of life this shall be the option taken. Any veterinary fees in relation to such treatment shall be discharged from the Surplus with any shortfall to be paid by the Shareholders according to their shareholding (‘the Shortfall’).
  14. Shareholders and their families are welcome to visit the kennels between 10:00am and 12:30pm on a Sunday. If based a long way distant and wishing to visit on a different day or time, please contact the Trainer.