Odin denied again in bid for top grade

2.7.21. Having risen in grade from A5 to A2 over the course of just three weeks, Supreme Odin finished second again today in his bid to win in A2.

Last time, on 24.6.21, having slightly missed the break, he did really well to lead at the second bend only for the strong finisher in the race to get a dream run through the pack and challenge at the final bend. Luigi stayed on well himself but succumbed by just one length. Today was probably a stronger A2 and it was Luigi’s first ever run from trap 5. Notably the dog immediately inside him was backed from 8/1 into favouritism. He did well to lead that rival into the bend recording a 4.47 sectional. The 3 dog however also showed great early pace and he and Luigi duelled for the lead until the final bend when our hero ran a little wide (as always, like his dad used to do) to finish second again.

There can be little doubt that an A1 awaits for Luigi and, hopefully, not too far down the line. It seems that all he needs is an uncontested lead and perhaps a little trouble behind – no injuries of course!