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whelped 17.3.21

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This one is known as Chanel in the kennel and everyone comments on how striking she is. In Ireland her racing name was Skipso. She trialled just twice at Derry, winning a sprint and a four bend in an excellent 28.12 despite being less than sixteen months old. On her Derry trial form she was expected to be A3 or thereabouts at Monmore but the best laid plans and all that.

After three moderate sprint trials she started her career off in D3 but she was never intended to be a sprinter and she showed it so she was graded over four bends. Chanel isn’t endowed with early pace but qualified for A9 after just two trials, running rather wider than we would have liked. She recorded 29.59 which wasn’t too bad but didn’t progress from there. After six efforts in A9 and down to A10 she was still to record her first win.

Chanel then injured a tendon and had to have a spell on the sidelines. She also came into season. She was just being nursed back to galloping with a view to a trial when she skinned her foot messing about in the paddock. That meant another month off. By her return she wouldn’t be a pup anymore. Can Jooles get to the bottom of her and why she hasn’t lived up to her potential?

In the end it took a trip to Henlow of all places and an Intertrack race for Chanel to open her account – and she did it in great style, leading at the second bend and running away from the field on her first look at the track. She almost ran off the track at the third bend and there would probably be a few lengths to be found for a reappearance at that venue.

Back at Monmore she won in A10, A9 and A8 in quick succession – was this a new Chanel? A bit of a losing sequence then developed before she won in A10 again and that proved to be her grade – winning repeatedly when dropped to that level. The one thing she never was however was consistent. She still seemed to enjoy her racing so why not continue?

Another losing run developed and so she was tried in a D4 sprint but she ran wider than normal which suggested that she was feeling something. A subsequent check over by the vet revealed several niggling issues all present at once. It would take a minimum of six weeks to recover with no guarantee of success so it was clearly the right time for Chanel to move to her forever sofa. She is such a striking predominantly white bitch she would make someone a wonderful pet.

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