Noduff Caesar update 28.9.21

28.9.21. This video clip really says it all. Click on ‘read more’ to see it.

This is Noduff Caesar who you will recall broke his leg in a trial on 26.5.21 and has since had surgeries, rehab and Tvati. Bertie’s progress is remarkable and ongoing. After initial confinement he’s been lightly walked then walked more extensively and now turned out to a larger paddock to let him stretch his legs as he wants and feels able. The still shows him shortly after one of his operations, the video clip is now.

Of course it remains unlikely that he’ll race but he’ll be allowed more and more exercise culminating in a gallop when the time appears to be right. Whatever the outcome full credit must go the vet team and everyone at Watford Gap Kennels.

Video credit to Jooles.