Noduff Aria

Noduff Aria

by TOOLATETOSELL out of SECURITY whelped 3.7.2019

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Fred, although our second acquisition (following Supreme Odin), is the first dog to bear the Noduff prefix as we designate in alphabetical order. He hails from Ireland where he was initially known as Snackbox Goose. Not the catchiest name, we thought, so Noduff Aria was born. Fred is from a litter of ten, headlined by Abigails Buddy, already a winner in top grade at Henlow and semi-finalist in the 2021 Northern Puppy Derby behind no less than Jaguar Macie.

Fred was bought as a potential stayer, a trait that runs right through the litter. His brother, Errill Daithi, who remains in Ireland has already been running on strongly over 750 yards in good company at Shelbourne Park. Abigails Buddy is also very strong in the second half of her four bend races. Fred is not as far forward in his development as these two siblings. He lacks a great deal of early pace and currently tends do most of his running from the first bend to the fourth. We are optimistic that he will come into his own as he matures further and fills his frame.

His debut was a two bend sprint trial in February 2021, which he won, leading all the way and he then followed up with two four bend trial wins culminating in a very respectable 29.12 off a 4.69 sectional. This saw him debut in A5 grade where he clocked a slightly improved 29.11 despite finishing in third behind an impressive winner who quickly progressed to A1. Fred’s style of running then counted somewhat against him as he struggled to get a sufficiently clear run, giving his all and performing well enough not to get downgraded whilst not quite managing to lose his maiden tag.

Fred belatedly broke his duck on 24.5.21 at the tenth attempt running from trap 5 in A6 (video below). He showed excellent trackcraft to win making it all the more confusing that he hadn’t done so before. Maybe now he’s got the hang of it….and we remain excited by his prospects over six bends where his pace from bends one to four will serve him in good stead. His litter continues to do well: brother One For Andy has now won a six bend open at Romford and Abigail’s Buddy moved from top grade at Henlow to Towcester running in good open company.

Fred himself continues to struggle to get a clear run and show the pace he undoubtedly has. A six bend trial has now taken place however and Fred didn’t surprise or disappoint us. He trapped ordinarily, as usual and it took until the fifth bend for him to take the lead but he ran on very strongly to win the trial by 8 lengths and break the 39 second barrier, recording 38.94. He is now qualified to run six bend graded races. Meanwhile he remains one of the characters in the kennel.

Two six bend runs did indeed materialize – thanks to the grader for answering our request – and Fred didn’t disgrace himself. First time up he was running on strongly at the fifth bend only to be baulked twice and lose all chance, finishing fourth. On the second occasion he missed the break and the strongest runner in the field, who never shows early pace, only went and led! Fred tried really hard to chase him down, progressing from last to second but couldn’t quite make up the necessary ground, finishing second.

Those races still appeared to have paid dividends as, dropped to A5 company, he ran on extremely strongly to recover from a hopeless position and get up to win by a short head on the line. It was wonderful to see and now we can look forward to seeing Fred over both distances with exciting chances to win. Fred reached the dizzy heights of A3 in September 2021. To win at that level he needs everything to fall right which it seldom does. The Monmore management have promised more six bend races so Fred should have more chances over that trip.

Whilst in Ireland we called in on Fred’s breeder, Chris Hayes and picked out a twelve month old blue bitch. She went off to be schooled by Peter Stead who was latterly celebrated for schooling various Geelo pups and later joined us as Noduff Imperial.

As Fred has got older he has become more prone to cramp. His Winter outings have become characterised by seizing up as early as the third bend. This became so bad that he had to have a six week break when the weather was at its worst. When he won his A6 on 5.4.22 he still managed to cramp solid at the pickup! His times have however been improving steadily. On 11.4.22 he recorded 29.09 despite crowding and being forced to check. Fred certainly has a sub 29 second run in him when completely cramp free. Roll on the better weather in Monmore. When that has arrived we will try him again over 630m.

Well, the better weather has certainly arrived – so much so that racing’s been called off for two days! If there’s one dog that doesn’t mind the heat so much it’s Fred, as evidenced by him having won twice from his last three outings, taking his tally to eight in all. It doesn’t look like he’ll break that 29 second barrier now. Fred does a very good job of keeping out of trouble – which should add to his longevity as a racer – but he’s not getting any quicker. He’s just won in A7. He would be able to win an S3 but it’s been many months since there was one. Hopefully that might change.

With the retirement of Supreme Odin at the end of September 2022, Fred became our running-most member of the kennel. As at that date he has run 68 times over 480m and 630m and despite only winning nine times, Fred has reached the dizzy heights of A3. Hopefully his ‘keep out of trouble’ style would see him going onwards towards the magic one hundred milestone.

Fred had his last six bend race at the end of November 2022 when he faded quite badly even though there appeared to be nothing seriously wrong with him. His cramping had been getting progressively worse for some time and he was only performing to his ability in the hotter months so we decided to keep him to four bends. He was regularly there or thereabouts without breaking 29.40. He won again when dropped to A9 and the focus was very much on reaching that 100 milestone rather than wins or times.

Fred reached 85 runs at Monmore when he suffered a soft tissue injury. He finished the race second and showed no ill effects to the pick up where he evidently sustained the injury as a result of his usual exuberant behaviour! It originally looked as if the injury might be the end of racing for Fred but happily that might not be the case. He moved to Chris Fereday’s kennel when Jooles Slater moved to Towcester in the hope we can get Fred back and to that magic 100.

And that’s exactly what we did. Despite Fred’s issues with cramping in the colder weather, he ran his heart out exactly 100 times, his last race being named in his honour and we have the souvenir ‘100 up’ jacket as proof. What’s more, Fred soon found an admirer and went to live with a lovely local family to begin what we are sure will be a long and happy retirement.

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