Caesar further update

8.6.21. Noduff Caesar (pictured) went back to the vet today for his post-operation check up. You’ll recall the operation was to relocate the central tarsal bone that he displaced when falling in a trial. Great news – the vet was very happy, especially with Bertie weight-bearing on his leg so soon. He has a single pin going into the side of the hock, will have a splint for 6 to 8 weeks then he will be reviewed again. Thanks, as always to Stuart Buckland and to Jooles Slater for chauffeuring him in her car – which he seems to love!

The picture shows Bertie’s updated cast. It looks cumbersome but will keep the pin securely in place until the cast is due to come off. He is otherwise very well in himself.

On a loosely-related note, top lot at Perry Barr sales on 8.6.21 was a certain Jumeirah Carmen. She and Bertie have met before. He beat her six lengths in a trial. Oh what could have been! Fingers crossed that Bertie gets to show something on the track. If not he’ll be very comfortable in his retirement.